Pulling Links: The Pain Thresholds of Removing Common Backlinks after Penguin

Many of you probably heard about the launch of our new tool, Remove ’em, which helps you find and remove bad backlinks. Well, while I suppose it would be nice if everyone got penalized and had to use our tool, I think we would all rather avoid penalties and, on top of that, costly cleanups. So, let’s talk through a little bit about exactly how hard some links are to remove. Let’s start with the easiest to remove, then move down the scale. Oh yeah, and if you want 10% off of Remove ’em just use the coupon code tgc10. So, without further adieu, in order from easiest to remove to hardest to remove… Your own links First let’s be clear. Just because a link is easy to remove doesn’t mean it’s a good link. In fact, links...

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