Click Fraud Assistance – Yahoo Dupes Google

Yahoo Traffic Quality CenterLooks like Yahoo! one upped Google once again in launching their Traffic Quality Center several days (8 to be exact) before a weak attempted launch by Google at the same thing. To Yahoos merit they have created a web site with more “bling” which explains what efforts they are taking to battle the prevalent click fraud issue surrounding cost-per-click programs and more importantly what you can do to prevent it as well.

To put it bluntly; Google’s Ad Quality Resource Center is fairly lame. Aside from being a usability experts wet dream, Google’s center consists of a couple sheets put up by someone who probably got called into the manager’s office for a good talking to. While this project may be expanded upon, there is obviously a forcing of the hand occurring.

Yahoo’s Quality Traffic Center is not so bad. It is built out and has some good foundational information such as; detailed information on what to do if you suspect click fraud, tools and tips to prevent it, explanations of what Yahoo is doing to monitor the problem, and a resources section. Good job Yahoo!

Kudos to Yahoo for leading the way in summarizing public disclosure of this issue and forcing the hand of its main competitor Google AdWords who is now obliged to do the same. I’ll be interested to see how the Google project matures.

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