Proposing a Debate Series

I recently responded to a request for pitches from SMX with the idea of doing formal debates on contentious topics in the search marketing industry. I thought it would be a good idea to open the topics up for recommendation. Even if SMX doesn’t do it, we could certainly do something on hangouts or at other conferences. So here are some of the debate topics I think would be worth considering…

  1. To Out or Not to Out
  2. Following Google’s Guidelines is the Best Course of Action
  3. Links are Losing Value
  4. Google is a Force for Good Online
  5. Paid Search vs. SEO
  6. Social Media is the Future of SEO
  7. Usage Metrics are the Future of Ranking Factors

Alright, what debates would you like to see? What contentious issues would you like to hear from differing opinions rather than the traditional echo chamber?

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  1. admin
    Mar 6, 2014

    Content marketing is not seo

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