Rails Programmer Throws Down the Gauntlet: PWND by PHP!

If you did not know already, I have a particular distaste for Ruby on Rails. Honestly, I really just have a distaste for the grotesque amount of buzz it has received relative to its ability to impact the web. Nevertheless, I did find a recent exchange on the web 2.0 site Dzone very humorous.

An Rails nut writes Here’s something that really shows how Rails can shine. Don’t want to start a war, but show me that in Java or PHP! about a 1-line world time server clock using Ruby on Rails. He fails to mention that…

  1. It really takes 3 lines
  2. It requires installing an additional library

In beautiful irony, another user posts this response.

The same thing, in PHP, that really only takes 1 line of code, and requires no additional libraries.

Sweet Sweet PHP Revenge.

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