The Advantages of Speed: Finding Exact Match Keyword Domains in Drop Lists

There are a lot of problems out there for which elegant solutions are difficult, cumbersome or outright impossible. One of those that I have dealt with for years is combing through large lists of dropped domains to find which ones are exact match keyword domains – meaning that there is an exact keyword that makes up the entire domain name. To a human this seems like a very easy task, but to a machine not so much.

The brute force method of doing this would be to take each domain and break it down into every different potential 1, 2, and 3 word phrase and then look up every combination. ie: would be…

  1. i padminicases
  2. ip adminicases
  3. ipa dminicases
  4. i p adminicases
  5. i pa dminicases

This would be nearly impossible to do on a massive scale unless you had a very fast database to look up all the options. Wait, that exists…. grepwords. And, in particular, v2.0 of the API which will be released soon is even faster. This means we can process 90,000 domains and the nearly 7 million possible phrases in a few minutes, rather than hours or days. I did just that below today. On average it took about 7 minutes to process each 90,000 domain list which can be found here at NameJet

  1. Dec 31
  2. Jan 1
  3. Jan 2
  4. Jan 3

There are a lot of domaining tools out there that do a pretty piss poor job of this. Brute force is really the only way to go if you want to get a good complete answer, but doing so requires as big a database of valuable keywords as possible and as fast a lookup as possible.

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