We Can’t Fill Your Order or Give You A Refund

It is rare (actually, this is tied into the only 1 other time I have ever issued a warning about a vendor on this site) that I actually take the time to point out an online vendor whose errors are grave enough to warrant boycott. Some of this is the fear of reprisal, but the majority of this comes from working at a web-based company and knowing how common it is for customers to just get confused when really no problem exists at all.

With Registerfly, this is not the case.

My ordeal began over a month and a half ago when I sought to register 10 domains on my own behalf. The registrations were for 2 years each and the order came to about $140. Registerfly had always been slower than the other registrars I normally used, but the price was right, so I was not surprised when a day or two later the domains had not yet propagated.

So I waited.

I became alarmed when several days into the process I could still not change nameservers on the account. This tipped me off to check the whois at which point I realized that the domains had not been registered at all. Below is a screenshot of several of the support requests that have since gone in.

registerfly sucks

What is not accounted for are the countless phone calls and online-chat-requests I have made with Registerfly. I have never successfully encountered a Registerfly representative via the online chat system. I have let it up, literally, for over an hour before and not received even a “hello, I am _____, how may I help you today”. The one time I was able to get on the phone with a Registerfly representative coincided with the third post in the above screenshot.

After much holding, the representative identified that something had “gone wrong” in the registration process, “holding it up” (i love the technical explanations, they always comfort me), so he told me to restart the registration process and placed the money back into my account.

This is where I made the most foolish mistake. Putting money back into my registerfly account is like refunding something at Target and accepting a gift card instead of cash. It makes it incredibly difficult to trace the money back to the original purchase (even if you have the credit card info) so that a true refund can be made if the next transaction(s) fail.

Which is where we are today. Another several weeks later the 10 domains are still not registered. I have issued a Full Refund request at Registerfly that has not yet been responded to. It has been two weeks since that request and I have not even so much as received an initial response. They can’t fill my order, and wont give me a refund. It is like buying a coffee at starbucks but, when they run out of coffee, they wont give you your money back.

Why am I not surprised. Please spread the word about Registerfly. I have worked with over 25 registrars and have never encountered anything nearly as abysmal as their service and support.

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  1. george
    Jan 18, 2007

    chargeback time.

    hope you registered the domains elsewhere already.

  2. Evan
    Jan 18, 2007

    Dood, contact the BBB, file a complaint, tell registerfly this and I’m sure you’ll get your money back.

  3. Ashley
    Jan 18, 2007

    As the saying goes, “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me”

  4. Ross Hill, Cover Hunt
    Jan 18, 2007

    We had similar trouble recently. Changed whois data and then tried to change nameservers. Should be simple right?

    They locked us out from our domain and removed the dns records – meaning our site and email was offline. We contacted support by email, but after repeated attempts and no reply after 2 weeks we were getting over it. The phone support line had us on hold for 2.5hrs before we gave up.

    Another week later we were back online, and quickly trying to transfer the domain to another host – that ordeal is another story by itself…


  5. John
    Jan 18, 2007

    1) The BBB is useless.

    2) Go Daddy.

  6. Terri
    Jan 18, 2007

    Don’t file a complaint with the BBB. It’s useless. All the BBB does is blackmail the company to pay them a fee to respond to the grievances submitted by customers. After they submit the fee and write a few nice responses, their rating goes up. This does nothing to actually get the company to act in a moral fashion.

  7. Mike
    Jan 18, 2007

    small claims court is your friend.

  8. Sean
    Jan 18, 2007

    The BBB doesn’t do squat! I received a bum computer from a place who refused to acknowledge the warranty and the BBB said they couldn’t do anything.

  9. Dave
    Jan 18, 2007

    Initiate the chargeback through your credit card company and next time use godaddy, simple as that!

  10. Heather
    Jan 18, 2007

    Submit this story to Consumerist: http://www.consumerist.com/

  11. John
    Jan 18, 2007

    File a small claims court case in your county, naming the head of RegisterFly as defendant. I guarantee that the company president will be so furious that he will make sure that you get your full refund immediately (settling out of court).

  12. charge back
    Jan 18, 2007

    Did you try a chargeback with your credit card company?

    Say “I don’t recognize this charge” and the merchant loses the money PLUS pays a penalty, unless they have your signature.

  13. Jevon
    Jan 18, 2007

    I have been similarly screwed by registerfly, only with me when I renewed a domain, they decided to switch the backend registrar (their wholesaler) but lost it in the shuffle and my domain went into redemption, with no apology, just accusations. Insane! They are a scam. I have filed detailed complaints with ICANN, but no response.

  14. Doctor
    Jan 18, 2007

    Go to small claims court and sue for triple damages. What, $280 not enough? Account for your time, too.

  15. Sriram Gopalan
    Jan 18, 2007

    Registerfly used to be good. Now they are horrible. I have seven domains with them. They keep exhausting the money I put in my account (for failed transactions), only to claim later that my domain cannot be renewed due to lack of funds!

    I have been trying to transfer my domains to another registrar for months now and they are not responding to the new registrar’s requests.

    This must be illegal. What is the best way to report to authorities about registerfly’s activities?

  16. randomboy
    Jan 18, 2007

    Geez man, it’s just $140, get over it!

  17. Two suggestions:

    1) Credit card charge back as was suggested already (it’s quite simple, and since they haven’t done anything, it’s quite arranted)

    2) http://www.1and1.com – They register quickly and there’s actually someone on the phone that can quickly resolve issues (And it’s only $5.99/domain/year )

  18. Matt
    Jan 18, 2007

    I had a similar problem with an airport WiFi hotspot where the provider insisted on a useless credit. Just dispute the charge w/your credit card company, you’ll get your money back no problem.

  19. Dave
    Jan 18, 2007

    same thing happened to me with them. had to file with my credit card company to get my money back for over 100 domains i paid for that i couldn’t use because they wouldn’t let me use my own name servers.

  20. Bill
    Jan 18, 2007

    Call the card issuing bank for your credit card and have them issue a chargeback to reverse the charges. Explain to them that you’ve issued requests for a refund but have received no reply and the charges haven’t been returned to your card. You’ll have your money back in no time.

  21. chanuki
    Jan 18, 2007

    Yes, I have had countless problems with registerfly too, along with our clients whom we had originally referred to registerfly. But, when I threatened to make a complaint they also finally responded. Although come to think of it may be time to finally make that complaint anyway if they are continuing to treat other users so badly.

  22. your sofa kingdom
    Jan 18, 2007

    I’d tell his mom on him.

  23. chris
    Jan 18, 2007

    “It is like buying a coffee at starbucks but, when they run out of coffee, they wont give you your money back.”

    Whoa, could that happen?
    No cup o; Joe?!
    Say it ain’t so!!!

    We got to call congress or something. This whole run out of coffee thing is endangering national security.

  24. WebmasterX
    Jan 18, 2007

    They did the same thing to me last month with the non registering domains. Support finally got around to telling me to send a ticket to Billing – Refund Request with every domain registered, and how much I paid and that they’d take care of it. They did but yes they are a pain in the ass.

  25. Jeff
    Jan 18, 2007

    Fuck the BBB, as long as you pay them they will say you’re a great guy.


    That’s all I have to say

  26. Tim Linden
    Jan 18, 2007

    Thanks for the warning!

  27. jp
    Jan 18, 2007

    When people talk about getting ripped off and you feel the need to say something like, “Fool me twice…” or, “It’s just $140 get over it!” do everyone a favor and just punch yourself in the face instead. Who knows what your motivation is, but I see poeple like that everytime someone posts about getting ripped off. You are strange strange people (who, i repeat, should punch themselves in the face).

  28. Mike Patterson
    Jan 18, 2007

    please…why would use a company that is barely known? I never heard of registerfly.com so I ran a Google search and complaints are there on RF for over a year and counting. It’s like not reading the reviews before you buy a piece of hardware. Go to register.com or godaddy.com like the rest of us. jeez…

  29. nik
    Jan 18, 2007

    go daddy has been as bad or worse for me one several occaisions. namechesp has never let me down,and i own many,many domains. i also use their freedns and it works superbly

  30. Tony Narlock
    Jan 19, 2007

    Companies like this deserve to get the axe. The bottom line should be — if you don’t get what you want, or what was advertised, you don’t pay.

  31. Mike G
    Jan 19, 2007

    I can wholeheartedly recommend uk2.net for registering domains, they’ve always been very well priced and offer a great service. No trouble changing DNS servers through their web interface, either.

    Disclaimer: I have no connection with them other than being a long-time customer, etc., etc.

  32. Rhodes
    Jan 21, 2007

    Registerfly are complete scam artists!

    1. Support does not exist. I ran live chat for 8 hours, nothing. Holded for 2 hours, nothing , wait a week for e-mail support to get a notice “fixed in 24 hours” and ticket automatically closed.

    2. I made all my domains Protectfly, which puts all your info in their name, BIG MISTAKE. I had noticed that the e-mail forwards that were setup [email protected] never reached me!! . Yes, they were keeping all the mails, countless support requests, this never gets resolved.

    3. Remember that if you have protectfly enabled om your domains and one expires , technically you are not the owner of the domain, they are….. They want the domain to expire so that they can put up PPC landing pages, thats probably what they are about.

    4. When I chamged all my whois back to my name, I noticed that multiple domains were unable to update, because they actually were not in my a/c anymore.

    5. Domains that are expiring are unable to renew. These are ones that are also not with enom. You can pay $8.99 for 10 to renew upto 3-4 times. Guess what they do not renew and you do not get refunded.

    6. Oh, try do a chargeback ? They lock you out of your account with a $200 chargeback fee and then if you dont pay that, you dont get your domains back.

    The good news is that I was able to transfer the bulk of my domains out to Godaddy. They are great. I am connected to a phone support person within – 3 minutes, any time of the day. Its so great to hear someones voice.

    This fiasco has lasted for too long, and he caused so much stress.

    ICANN NEED TO CATCH A WAKE UP CALL. They forward your requests to their support e-mail address which, btw bounces (registeflies). ICANN do not take action against a registrar, they however do monitor trends, great…

    I would recommend getting out of there as fast as possible.

  33. Registerflies Admin
    Jan 24, 2007

    Please visit http://www.registerflies.com for the latest updates on the Registerfly debacle. We are in the midst of trying to get them shut down. There are instructions on how to get your names out of Registerfly.

  34. Uli
    Feb 15, 2007

    Does anyone know how to transfer domains out of regfly? Now they have set all domains on locked!

  35. kriaras
    Feb 26, 2007

    Registerfly is stealing our domains
    They don’t renew the domains in time
    They don’t give as the auth code and they don’t unlock our domains to transfer them to another registrar so our domains are expiring and they use them.
    (in the past they stole my domains http://www.cyprusltd.com and http://www.cyprus-ltd.com and now they Stole greek-tour.net, Your-Travel-Guide.net which expired and they didn’t renew them)

    Perhaps registerfy.com and enom.com are the same company because registerfly.com stole my domains http://www.cyprusltd.com and http://www.cyprus-ltd.com and now I see that are hosted to enom.com and play ads for enom.com

    They connect with advertising companies or they have their one advertising company and they take advantage of the being registars and they are stealing domains from their customers which they use them to show advertising links for them.!!!
    Internet is full of complaints about registerfly, it is a fraud company.
    How do you let them be in business for so long.

    Please someone HELP ME in order to leave from these crops.

  36. kriaras
    Feb 26, 2007

    Registerfly are criminals.

    If you take a look in the Internet, there a lot of forums that write about the frauds that they do to their customers.

    They send fake spamm e-mails to attack customers.

    They charge more in their customers’ visa card when they renew or register domains.

    They don’t change DNS of the domains names.

    They don’t Unlock the Lock flag on the domains and they don’t give the Authorization codes for the domains names in order to be transferred.

    They don’t answer the emails, tickets and when they answer they lie
    and they talk with sarcasm.

    All these things make a lot of trouble to many companies, and to many of my customers and give a very bad image about USA and American rules.
    These moves make people want to crash with aeroplanes to your offices and also make the foreigners to hate Americans so much that force them to do bad things to them. DON’T YOU SEE THAT?


  37. kriaras
    Feb 26, 2007

    We have problems with Registerfly.

    They don’t send the author code in order to transfer to another registar.
    Can you help receive the author code and can you unlock our domains to move them to another registar?

    They don’t answer to our daily tickets and e-mails.

    They don’t unlock any domain at all.


    This is monopoly, and is forbidden by the USA law. You cover them because you know all this and you don’t do anything. You are responsible because you give them permission to use in every contact the word â€Å”ICANN Accredited Registrar”.!!!

    This things are making aeroplanes crash your offices, don’t you see that?

    This company take hostages thousands companies all over the world, and all this saw an bad image to USA and to your laws, don’t you see that?

    Their purpose is to steal the domain names of their customers in order to put ads of the companies that guide them, don’t you see that?

  38. kriaras
    Feb 26, 2007

    The trick of the supposed problems of the registerfly is to steak our domain names, and ICANN.ORG knows it but they don’t do something.

    It is possibly that enom.com is also in this trick, and other companies for example advertising companies etc. They see the big success of google (adsense), yahoo (Publisher Network), e.t.c. and they try to enter in the advertising in order to steal our domain names and taking advantage of our visitors, they take money from the advertisements.

    The trick is very simple I show it from the beginning:

    They send fake spam email with extremely low prices for transfer and register domain names. After that they grab the customers who transfer the domains to them (the prices are lie because they charge much higher than they write).

    They supposed to have technical problems, economical problems (but all this is a lie because they don’t have staff, everything are automated and they have huge profits). The names that are expiring they don’t renew them, so the domain name is expired and it is theirs and in a short time your domain name advertises their collaborators.

    ICANN.org has a huge responsibity because in every email and in their site they always write â€Å”ICANN Accredited Registrar”. ICANN.org knows everything about what is happening but they don’t do anything

    This trick works for many years and no one does anything.
    ICANN.ORG says that they aren’t responsible, they know everything or they should know because if someone searches he would find that Internet is full of complaints for registerfly.com and I haven’t seen all their frauds that they have done.

    If someone wants to see which is the purpose, I write that:
    For almost 10 days I send messages to registerfly.com for problems that I have. My domain names are expiring and they don’t renew them, I can’t change DNS to my domain, they don’t send me authorization code and don’t let me unlock them in order to transfer them to other registrar.

    It was the only e-mail that they answered and after that they disappeared again. Since them I thought that it wasn’t anyone there, and that no one have seen my messages but when they deleted my domain name (of course, they use it for them) they answered immediately, and with this they saw that they watch all the tickets (messages) and they watch and apparently laugh with the despaired web masters who want desperately to renew their domains, but they answer only in messages that will give them more domain names.

    Responses from Customer Support
    [2007-02-24] We have removed the domain name from your account free-i-s.comAdvanced Support GroupRegisterfly.com INC ICANN Accredited Registrar

  39. kriaras
    Feb 28, 2007

    Registerfly has hostages million of domain names which belongs to companies and web master all over the world, hiding behind of ICANN and ICCANN don’t do anything.
    Up to two million domain names, including many with associated Web sites, are at risk over the apparent failure of ICANN-accredited domain registrar, RegisterFly.com.
    The company in recent weeks is reportedly almost dysfunctional as customers scramble to register, renew or transfer names. RegisterFly.com’s support systems appear to be down, or completely overwhelmed.
    It appears all domain names with the registrar are locked, preventing clients transferring, or even updating them. Attempts to change the status of domains are being overridden by the registrar.
    Registrars are required to provide owners with authorization codes which are required in transferring to other registrars. These are normally displayed in clients’ accounts, which are accessed by private login and password codes. It appears however RegisterFly.com has stopped displaying the codes.
    Calls to the various telephone numbers nominated for sales, technical support, and billing enquiries are going unanswered. Emails are not being responded to, and the registrar’s online support system appears to be unmanned or so under-resourced it is giving that impression. The company has recently introduced a new fax support system. However faxes are going unanswered as well.
    Customers attempting to renew domains are receiving emails saying their renewals have failed, without any other information or explanation. In some cases attempts to subscribe to other services are unsuccessful with online messages indicating there is a problem with their credit card, or payment is denied. On checking with their credit card provider they are sometimes finding charges have in fact gone through.
    They send fake spam email with extremely low prices for transfer and register domain names. After that they grab the customers who transfer the domains to them (the prices are lie because they charge much higher than they write).

    They supposed to have technical problems, economical problems (but all this is a lie because they don’t have staff, everything are automated and they have huge profits). The names that are expiring they don’t renew them, so the domain name is expired and it is theirs and in a short time your domain name advertises their collaborators.
    RegisterFly.com uses a security certificate to encrypt data during transmission. Pop-up prompts now appearing on its site however are notifying site users that the security certificate, which had 12 months duration, expired on Saturday.
    A major concern for domain owners is that not only are their names at risk, but in many cases those domains involve Web sites.
    A site http://www.registerflies.com has been established for disgruntled RegisterFly.com customers to air their grievances. Curiously http://www.registerflysucks.com is actually registered to, and hosted by, RegisterFly.com itself as a â€Å”landing page” or â€Å”parked” site. Unfortunately for the embattled company the site features a review of RegisterFly.com which is far from favorable. Reviewer Jim Darson says, â€Å”It seems from the comments/emails I have received, that you should definitely stay away from this company. How they have managed to continue operating with all the negative feedback I’ve received is beyond me.”
    One poster, Anon, added, â€Å”My account is restricted, my domains are locked, I can’t transfer to another registrar.”
    Adventurepack commented, â€Å”These guys are horrible. Besides quadruple charging my credit card without authorization and trying for weeks to get hold of them by email and phone (one time I called on their toll free line at 2 pm central time and was on hold till I came back the next day at 9 am central time). They tried to use a service called stormpay. What a joke. They try to charge you a $12 fee for returning your money that they wrongfully charged you for in the first place.”
    Lee S. said, â€Å”They have taken at least three of my names and sold them to other parties. I have always paid my renewals on time, but that doesn’t matter. One of the names they hijacked isn’t up for renewal for three weeks. And, of course, they are still billing me as if nothing is happening.”
    On digg, poster publicXcuse says, â€Å”Over the last three or four weeks I’ve tried renewing one of my domains about 10-12 times now and I get a failure every time. Registerfly keeps saying sorry and to try again. It keeps failing it doesn’t look like it’s going to end anytime soon.”
    The problem with RegisterFly.com highlights the vulnerability of domain name owners generally who entrust the world’s approved registrars to act as custodians to what is becoming extremely valuable property.
    The value of domain names has shot higher in recent years, particularly with the proliferation of parked Web sites. Here domain registrars, including the majors, are using their customers domain names to establish advertising vehicles for which they derive advertising revenue. Often the domains are used without the authorization, or even the knowledge, of owners. Some however offer customers participation, but usually at a fee. If customers don’t take up the option, then the registrar often just uses the domain anyway, pocketing the revenue itself.
    The business is so big, one of the majors monetizing domain names, Demand Media, Inc., has acquired two of the largest wholesale registrars, Bulk Register.com and Enom.com. Enom.com had ties with RegisterFly.com, which was one of its resellers for several years (since 2000) until the arrangement was terminated in February last year.
    Founded in April 2006, Demand Media is a next-generation Web media company which has put together more than 150,000 domain names and turned them into niche content Web sites.
    A dilemma for domain name owners is that registrars are becoming increasingly involved in the use and monetization of domain names themselves, raising suspicions when owners are not advised of pending expiries of their domains, and in the case of RegisterFly.com where they are unable to renew or transfer them. (This is monopoly and fraud which is forbidden by the laws of USA) It is unlikely registrars would deliberately engage in practices to pirate domains they are guardians of, but there are many disgruntled former domain owners who blame their registrars for their losses.
    RegisterFly.com is involved in providing what are called, â€Å”landing pages,” whereby either text ads relevant to the domain name feature, or unique content is established on the domain page or pages, surrounded by advertising banners or links. The advertising revenue generated in this case goes to RegisterFly.com and owners are not given the opportunity to share in it.
    At least for the past week the monetized sites appeared to be down with the message: â€Å”We’re sorry, but something went wrong. We’ve been notified about this issue and we’ll take a look at it shortly.” Some domains are now back displaying text ads again, while others don’t propagate. Meantime a number of domains registered with RegisterFly.com are now pointing to EventRobot pages related to a company that claims to â€Å”transform your site or message board into an interactive social networking experience, converting your audience into a passionate community.”
    Problems with RegisterFly.com, which claims to have two million domains under its control through one million customers in all fifty U.S. states and 120 countries, appear to have surfaced long before its accreditation with ICANN and appear to have played a major part in the severing of ties with Enom. As of Monday RegisterFly.com was still listed as an ICANN accredited registrar. The ICANN Web site in describing RegisterFly.com says its, â€Å”various products and services is backed by 24/7 World class customer service via phone, live chat and email.”
    RegisterFly.com, which according to ICANN has its offices at 4th Floor, 404 Main Street, Boonton, NJ, also offers hosting services and claims to be presently serving more than 300,000 Web sites. The company claims to be debt-free so it is unclear whether it is undergoing a financial collapse or its technical resources have been exhausted (probably lie). However the longevity of its problems suggest a structural deficiency.
    The claim of registerfly.com by being low profitable business, which leads to bankruptcy or low quality of services, is a lie because they use automated systems, which can be very hi profitable business. Very importact is that the fact until few months ago, they didn’t show any telephone number and you could contact them only through chat or e-mail. Which shows the real low cost of the company. The fact that all this was planned, it can be seen by the fact that now they put telephone numbers on their web site.
    It is very interesting the press office of ICANN:
    ICANN, through its press office, was made aware of the pending publication of this story well prior to the commencement of business on Friday. ICANN was alerted to the claims being made about RegisterFly.com and was asked whether it was prepared to issue a statement concerning the status of the registrar. ICANN was also asked what mechanisms were in place to protect domain owners generally in the event of a default by an ICANN-accredited registrar. ICANN did not respond.

    It is also very interesting that ICANN knows the profits of registerfly but it covers them. Their profit are huge because of the huge number of domain names that they have, the frauds that they have made to the domain owners, the stealing of the domain name, the ads that they are putting there, and the selling of the domain names without notify the owners first. Also they didn’t use any staff because everything was made automatical.

  40. kriaras
    Feb 28, 2007

    Registerfly.com belongs to enom.com

    Fraud contracts between separate companies, which are separated as a part of a plan, are good αρκετά for those two companies to claim that they are separate companies.

    The global plan is very simple, they are stealing our domains and use them by their advertising companies or charge us hi expenses and now no one can help thousand domain owners all around the world. Icann.org, which is the company, which accredits the registfly, doesn’t say anything about the complaints we have made, and the only thing they answered is â€Å”we would ask the companies for their relation”. You don’t have to ask the companies because you already know the answer. If ICANN.org understand that they responsible, and they have lead in the trap thousands domain owners around the world, they could look in their files and they would find the relation between enom.com and registerfly.com, and also advertising domains, which are, belong to this group.

    Registerfly.com and enom.com, as part of their plan, claim that they had a contract that it was terminated last year and that they are two independent companies. It is a lie, because as part of their plan it’s only an excuse that they thought when they were planning the condition they made, and the problems they have created to their customers.

    But there are many opinions, which are proving that they are one behind two different companies.

    First of all, until now registerfly.com have a colored big sign in the support page which inform users that the termination of the contract between registerfly.com and enom.com and they write to customers which are registered to enom.com to came in registerfly.com by lower prices. This is just enough to indicate the relationship of those too companies because this colored frame is just an very good advertise for enom.com which takes to enom.com the unhappy domain owners which are desperately trying to escape and go every day in the support page of the registerfly.com. (If they really want to make the least -as the write- domain owners who continue to be registered under enom.com they only have to send them some e-mails to call them change the registry. Even so they sent thousands fake e-mails every week by fake offers, they have all the e-mails of all their customers and they know that the direct e-mail marketing is more profitable than having the message in the complaints screen and wait the customer to complain in which you will never answer and you would wait until they change the main registar)

    It is also good to investigate the progress of the things that lead this problems which is their motivation.

    First of all, we know that until few months registerfly.com was official one of the enom.com Internet domain register web sites as do the most of the registars –who want to go up-. For example goddady.com is a web site of wildwestdomains.com (Wild West Domains, Inc.) and name.com is belong to domainsite.com (SPOT DOMAIN LLC DBA DOMAINSITE.COM) e.t.c.

    Why the registars use other web sites and they show them as independent collaborators? It’s because they want to have different promotion style and different prices through a variety of web sites, in order to have more customers. This was in the start because after this they thought differently. They thought like this, â€Å”Why do we give them domain names in which the companies and the web masters to make money?. Let’s steal the domain names and insert ads in order to win more money taking advantage of the bad system of ICCAN.ORG who closes the domain owner to the domain registar and when the domain is expired, it belongs to the registrar

    Enom.com, before a while thought the trick to make independent the company that was under them(registerfly.com), to do what it does today.

    It is also interesting to look in the WHOIS information of the two domains.

    Domain Name: REGISTERFLY.COM
    Registrar: ENOM, INC.
    Whois Server: whois.enom.com
    Referral URL: http://www.enom.com
    Creation Date: 14-aug-2000
    Expiration Date: 14-aug-2009

    Domain Name: ENOM.COM
    Registrar: ENOM, INC.
    Whois Server: whois.enom.com
    Referral URL: http://www.enom.com
    Creation Date: 24-oct-1997
    Expiration Date: 21-sep-2012

    As we can see from the above, registerfly continues to be registered by enom.com!!! until today.


    As long as Expiration Date of the domain registerfly.com is concerned we can see clearly that expires on 14-aug-2009. This also indicate that is all were already programmed long time ago. BECAUSE ALL REGISTARS ARE HAVING AN EXPIRATION OF THEIR DOMAINS MANY YEARS LATER AND THEY DON’T WAIT TO RENEW THEM WHEN THEY EXPIRE BECAUSE THEY ARE PLANNING TO STAY IN BUSINESS. BUT REGISTERFLY.COM IS ALREADY SHOW THAT IS PLANED TO GO OUT OF THE BUSINESS.!!!


    Icann.org cover those crops –and who knows how many others-

  41. kriaras
    Feb 28, 2007

    About the claims of registerfly.com that the low prices drives the company to this condition is clear that this is jus a stupid claim.

    The prices that charge their customers are much higher than other companies, which with lower prices and fewer costumers survive and have a profit.

    In domain names business, the things are better when you have a lot of costumers like registerfly.com has.
    The prices are not extremely low, for example $9.90 for a new domain and $7.99 for renewal action.(Without considering the thousands of frauds that they had done to the domain owners, in which they took large amounts of money all this years).

    Those kind of business are having much better position when they have so many customers. Their expenses are staying extremely low because of the automatic function which drive everything well. And when the directors want it everything go badly.

    For example a domain company who has a bad financial season, they only have to upgrade the prices by only one dollar. So one dollar is enough by 1 million customers to gives you 1 million dollar extra income every year. Domains owners are not willing to change registrar for 1 dollar upgrade of the prices because any way is much cheaper the prices if a domain owner wants to change registrar every year. (Transfer action is cost 6.99 to many registrars)

  42. kriaras
    Mar 6, 2007

    Icann.org is the main responsible of registerfly.com fraud (and enom.com and any others which are hiding behind of this big scandal which disparage the reliability και the reputation of USA).

    Registerfly.com would not have tried to do all those well-planed frauds if they hadn’t the support of icann.org

    They knew that icann.org would not take off the permission despite the accusations that are coming everyday to them, in which they don’t do anything and they don’t protect the thousands domain owners who are trapped by registerfly.com

    So, they sent fraud emails all the time which are telling for low prices and like that they gather domain names in their account and they don’t let them leave (they don’t unlock the domains and they don’t give author code to transfer them domains to a legal registrar) Also they hi charge credit cards, they charge credit cards without any reason, they let domains to expire without renew them and they keep them for them or they transfer them to enom.com. They sell domains, which belong to their customers, and they keep the money without giving them to the domain owners. I see my domains to be â€Å”for sale” in the Internet but I never gave them any authorization to sell my domains.
    They are criminals but icann.org is responsible for all this because they knew everything and they didn’t do anything.

    Thousand desperate domain owners from all over the world are trapped in registerfly.com and icaqnn.org continue to promote registerfly.com (and enom.com) as a good and authorized registrar for the domains owners!!!

    Icann.org must stop immediately the registerfly.com frauds and allow to the domain owners to be transferred in other registrar as soon as possible!!!

    Icann.org must go together with registerfly.com to the curt room!!!

  43. kriaras
    Mar 8, 2007

    Registerfly continue their fraud
    All time they do the trick of the repairing of the site, they pretend that they solve their internal problems (financial management etc). However, that’s never come through, so they never sent us author code but they continue to tell us lies about the supposed repairing of the site in order to continue with their fraud.

    The Problems in my domains continue although as they say Medina left. I had renewed some of my domains but they made them to expire and they took for them. Also, they still don’t let me to renew my domains. They don’t send me the Author Code and they don’t unlock my domains in order to be transferred in other registrar. They continue to attack their costumers by sending fraud spam emails by fake prices. (TheFlyPaper.com)

    We login everyday and we send them tickets for our problems but they don’t answer them. Also we sent email to ICANN but they don’t answer and they cover them. They pretend the problems in order to continue their frauds. Thousands domain owners are hostage in registerfly and steal our job our time , our money. Our names goes to enom.com and are managed my advertisers which are connected with them (enom.com is hiding behind registerfly)


    We mustn’t believe them about the repairing until they solve all our problems.


  44. kriaras
    Mar 10, 2007

    There are still many problems with Registerfly.
    Well to begin with, I had renewed my domains and they renew them in their database and in the registry. Also they send me email saying that I successfully renewed my domains. However, looking in my account, I see that these domains are expiring. Also they send me email telling me that these domains names are expiring, although I had previously renewed them. When I am going to whois.net, I see that my domains are expiring in 2008. So, they only change their database and made my domains expire in order to take them for themselves.

    Other problem is that, they deselect the auto renew buttons in order to make my domains to expire and to take our domains. I always select the auto renew button and after a while they deselect it.


    1) Here is the First email that they say I successfully renew my domains

    pfytos simeon
    You have renewed the following domains in your account:

    Order Number : 64380300
    Domain Name : ancient-greek-music.com
    Domain Id : 30134830
    Expiration Date : 2008-02-24
    Years added : 1
    New Expire Date : 2009-02-24

    Order Number : 64380356
    Domain Name : ancient-useful-links.com
    Domain Id : 30134837
    Expiration Date : 2008-02-24
    Years added : 1
    New Expire Date : 2009-02-24

    Order Number : 64380393
    Domain Name : free-music-sites.com
    Domain Id : 30134842
    Expiration Date : 2007-02-24
    Years added : 1
    New Expire Date : 2008-02-24

    Order Number : 64380410
    Domain Name : Greek-manufacturers.com
    Domain Id : 30134846
    Expiration Date : 2007-02-24
    Years added : 1
    New Expire Date : 2008-02-24

    Order Number : 64380445
    Domain Name : greek-music-mp3.com
    Domain Id : 30134851
    Expiration Date : 2007-02-24
    Years added : 1
    New Expire Date : 2008-02-24

    Order Number : 64380458
    Domain Name : greek-suppliers.com
    Domain Id : 30134856
    Expiration Date : 2007-02-24
    Years added : 1
    New Expire Date : 2008-02-24

    Order Number : 64380474
    Domain Name : internet-philosophy.com
    Domain Id : 30187559
    Expiration Date : 2007-02-26
    Years added : 1
    New Expire Date : 2008-02-26

    Number of names processed (7)

    Questions, comments – http://www.registerfly.com/support/index.php
    Home Page – registerfly.com

    2) Here is the second email that they say that our domains are expiring

    Dear Valued Customer,

    You can still maintain your rights to this name. Please contact your supplier immediately to renew your domain name(s).

    The following domain name(s) have expired:

    Domain Name, Expiry Date
    ancient-directory.com, 2007-02-25
    ancient-greek-music.com, 2007-02-25
    ancient-useful-links.com, 2007-02-25
    free-greek-music.com, 2007-02-25
    free-music-sites.com, 2007-02-25
    greek-manufacturers.com, 2007-02-25
    greek-music-mp3.com, 2007-02-25
    greek-suppliers.com, 2007-02-25
    internet-philosophy.com 2007-02-27

    How do I renew my domain name?

    You need to log into your account and go to https://registerfly.com/renew. This will bring a list of all the domains in your account with the expiration dates. Click the check box next to the names you wish to renew. Once you have made your selection hit the red button that says “add to cart”. From here proceed to check out.

    Thank you


    3) Here is my account that shows which domains are expiring within 30 days

    Domain Registered Expires
    ancient-directory.com 2006-02-24 2007-02-24
    ancient-greek-music.com 2006-02-24 2007-02-24
    ancient-useful-links.com 2006-02-24 2007-02-24
    emil-fashion.com 2006-03-21 2007-03-21
    free-greek-music.com 2006-02-24 2007-02-24
    free-i-s.com 2006-03-03 2007-03-03
    free-music-sites.com 2006-02-24 2007-02-24
    Greek-manufacturers.com 2006-02-24 2007-02-24
    greek-music-mp3.com 2006-02-24 2007-02-24
    greek-suppliers.com 2006-02-24 2007-02-24
    internet-philosophy.com 2006-02-26 2007-02-26
    Records Found: 11

    4)Here is one of my domains, in whois.net which says that my domain expire in 2008

    WHOIS information for: ancient-directory.com:


    Whois Server Version 2.0

    Domain names in the .com and .net domains can now be registered
    with many different competing registrars. Go to http://www.internic.net
    for detailed information.

    Registrar: REGISTERFLY.COM, INC.
    Whois Server: whois.registerfly.com
    Referral URL: http://www.registerfly.com
    Name Server: A.00357.COM
    Name Server: B.00357.COM
    Status: clientDeleteProhibited
    Status: clientTransferProhibited
    Status: clientUpdateProhibited
    Updated Date: 25-feb-2007
    Creation Date: 24-feb-2006
    Expiration Date: 24-feb-2008

    >>> Last update of whois database: Fri, 09 Mar 2007 14:36:48 UTC

  45. kriaras
    Apr 19, 2007

    In 2007-03-30 I opened in Registerfly a Support Ticket in which I said:

    â€Å”We want to unlock all our domain and sent author codes in order to move to other registrar.”

    The answer that they gave was

    â€Å”Try to do it yourself and the ones that you are not able to do send them to me on a list. You have too many domains and I’m not going to check them one by one.”

    Well I checked my domains and saw that I couldn’t unlock them so I went to support ticket and I send them the below message in 2007-04-04:

    â€Å”I tried to unlock my domains but I cannot unlock them.
    I go to each domain and press the Domain Status button in order to change them into unclok but they still remain locked.

    So I want all of my domains to be unlocked and to take the Authorization codes in order to transfer them to another registrar.”

    Even Today (2007-04-18), 2 weeks after my last message, I haven’t got any answer. I still cannot unlock my domains and they don’t help me. They continue to fool me all their customers. They are not willing to unlock my domains and give authorization code in order to leave from them. They keep me and other customers hostages and noone is willing to help us. ICANN IS ALSO RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THIS BECAUSE THEY COVER THEIR FRAUD AND THEY DON’T HELP US LEAVE FROM REGISTERFLY.

  46. christian
    Jun 21, 2007

    Illegal Business Practice by Enom and Registry Fly

    Let’s say there is a hurricane that blows down your home. You go to get wood to build it up or gas to run your car and the price has now been multiplied by ten times. This is price gouging and is illegal and unfair business practice. Enom has applied this concept to domain renewals through their own reseller, whom went out of business, as well as their current practices (June 20th 2007). Enom and Registry fly were in business together and have had some of the same billing issues. Enom denies this, but it is a true fact based on lawsuits and my own personal experience with their management team lying and stealing from people who do not know any technical jargon. Do not deal with this company. Yes, they are very nice on the phone and nice people, but what they are saying is one thing and what they do is another. They are thieves. I spoke with Brendon out of the Seattle office and caught him in lies and let him know. he really had nothing to say except to send an email to Enom. I am providing my number below to show this is a true and legitimate complaint.

    Christian 865-769-3866


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