Yahoo Helps the Rich Get Richer

Like most good application service providers, Yahoo Search Marketing sends out tips from time-to-time to help you learn how to best utilize their product. Some of you may have received an email yesterday from YSM entitled…

3 Key Steps to Take Advantage of the New Ranking Model

On the other hand, you may have received an email entitled…

5 Key Steps to Take Advantage of the New Ranking Model

Or, if you are like Virante, and manage several accounts for clients, you may have received both…

While I cannot say that the steps provided were of really any value, and certainly would not be “new” to anyone who had spent any time doing CPC, it is interesting that Yahoo is taking the time/energy/budget to separate its clients into low-spenders and high-spenders and choosing to deliver them different content.

Are high-paying-advertisers really impressed enough by 2 extra tips to warrant the potential that could be gained by spreading the knowledge across the whole network? Perhaps more importantly how can mom-and-pop bidders expect to compete when even Yahoo is helping out the big-guns?

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  1. Everett
    Feb 2, 2007

    This doesn’t surprise me at all. We were spending about 10k per month at Yahoo and the “rep” had the nerve to say if we spent a bit more he’d be inclined to help us out a bit more. What a JERK! That, and their paid inclusion BS… Yahoo doesn’t care about providing good search results. They care about sucking as many pennies out of everyone and everything that they can, which is why their search engine is terrible compared to Google.

    And no, I’m not trying to be “all up on Google’s Shizzle”. I really mean this – Yahoo is a Gold Digger!

  2. Tim Linden
    Feb 2, 2007

    Maybe they are doing split testing of their emails? Or maybe they think the lesser spenders need something simpler. The upgrade statement on the smaller email is in favor of your argument, but it could be possible they are just testing the table part and seeing which increases user’s performance better.

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