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Bob Misita is the COO at Virante, Inc.

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  1. David
    Apr 29, 2007

    I’ve been a long-time reader of yours and have you partly to thank for
    starting a web 2.0 business (PickyDomains.Com). I was wondering, if
    you’d be willing to give me advice.

    I’ve been picking domains on a risk-free basis for years (which means
    I get paid only when a customer likes the domain name I come up with).
    I’ve been able to come up with several hundred names, some pretty good
    ones, like BadCylcopedia.Com, DePrice.Com, DialerQueen.Com,
    Publicana.Com, GetMapped.Com, etc.

    But then I got tired of the fact that I get paid only when I work, so
    I decided to use web 2.0 principle to re-engineer this business.

    This is how PickyDomains.Com was born. Basically, we have custmers who
    deposit 50 bucks to get a cool domain name. Our contibutors submit
    their suggestions and get half ($25) when their domain name is chosen.
    Otherwise, the money is refunded (hence, no risk).

    I think that this idea is great. We did get a lot of publicity from
    Sweden and Spain for some reason (major newspapers profiled
    PickyDomains) and we had several bloggers mention us, mostly
    positively. The service is profitable, generating about $1000 a month.

    Yet I feel that this service could be as popular as Digg, Twitter,
    CrazyEgg in the domain name niche, as a lot of people can’t find good domain names.

    Can you give me a few pointers, how I should go about promoting this
    service on the net?

    I’ve tried press-releases – nothing special, I’ve tried ads – not
    enough traffic, almost 100% of the orders I get is word of mouth, but
    that’s not enough.


    P.S. If you want a domain name picked for you for free, let me know,
    it always helps to get a qualified outsider view.

  2. Riley Issacson
    Jul 25, 2007

    Very useful information was found here, thank you for your work.

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