A Plea for Data

Hey folks, many of you who follow me on twitter (@rjonesx) may have noticed some discussions between myself and @authoritylabs a week or so ago. I have embarked on a new study that looks at the relationship between SERP features (places, ads, carousel, images, video, etc.) and organic click through rates. Using GWT CTR data, Google Keyword Traffic data, and Authority Labs SERP data, we can determine the actual organic traffic a SERP will return.

Take for example two keywords – one gets 1000 visits a month, the other gets 400 visits a month. The second has no advertisers and no SERP features, the first has places and 10 ads. It is actually possible that the second one with less traffic volume actually delivers MORE organic traffic because of these SERP features.

For me to study this, I need as much GWT CTR data as possible. In particular, I am looking at the 1st week of April. Specifically, I need the Search Queries data from April 1-7 for any site. (I need the Keyword, the Average Position, # of impressions, and CTR) for any site or site(s), I will give formula we ultimately uncover in exchange. We will pay the costs of all the SERP spidering that is necessary to determine this result, we just need more GWT data to accomplish our goal.


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  1. Tre Jones
    May 20, 2014

    As far as filters go, do you want Web or All? US-only or All locations?

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