Finding and Evaluating Domains

Following the implementation of the historical data patent, links aging and the “sandbox”, finding and securing old domains has become an essential key in the formula for Google SEO. The problem is that web sites and their owners don’t exactly make it known that they don’t want their site anymore. Rarely does a webmaster post a “for sale” and, when they do, it is because their is value in the domain that really isn’t necessary to SEO, thus making it too expensive. There are several ways to find good domains, though. In the examples below, #keyword# is the primary key phrase or word for which you intend to optimize your site.

Using Google, Search For…

(1) “We’ve Moved” #keyword# : any iteration of this “our new domain is”, “our new site is”, “we have moved”, “We moved our site” will do. These are especially valuable because you can be certain that the domain is no longer of value to the owner.

(2) “Last Updated*1998” #keyword# : or any iteration of years 2003 and earlier are pretty good. This helps you find domains that are no longer kept up. Many webmasters have no idea that they could sell their site for a couple hundred bucks. Some even don’t even remember the site at all. These are prime for the picking.

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Use free wanted ads such as Craigslist. Be careful not to spam too much, or you will ruin it for everyone 🙂 But, generally speaking, you can get a few good leads a day using this method.

How to Evaluate an Aged Domain

There are several factors in evaluating a domain for SEO purposes.

1. Age (of course)
2. Number of Backlinks
3. Number of EDU backlinks
4. Number of MIL backlinks
5. Number of GOV backlinks
6. Whether its cached in Google
7. How many links from pages with your keyword
8. How many cached pages with your keyword

Of course, what would a good post like that be without a tool to go along with it.

Domain Evaluation Tool

Warning: You Must Have Pop-Ups enabled for this to work.

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