Google Instant and the Long Tail

Just something I thought worth pointing out. Since users will now be able to see results before they finish typing their query, it is very possible that sites that rank better for the short tail will get more traffic.

If someone is, for example, searching for baseball card dealers, and a baseball card dealer ranks in the top 3 for baseball card, the user will probably not wait to finish their complete query.

Better start focusing on root keywords.

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  1. Julie C
    Sep 29, 2010

    I don’t think Google Instant will make too of a difference, considering the majority of casual surfers do not keep their eyes on the screen when typing a search query. And the fact is the search algorithm has not changed, just the interface.

  2. Adam C
    Aug 11, 2012

    Im with you Julie. Every time Google rolls out something new people get worried its going to totally change search and user behavior but this just has not shown to be true.


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