New Free SEO Tool – Google Double Listing Demystifier

The brand spanking new Google Double Listing Demystifier helps you identify the actual ranking of individual pages in the top 10 when there is a double listing present.

If two pages from the same domain occur in the top 10, Google will automatically insert the second listing directly under the first with an indent. While this makes it easy to find pages from the same domain, it makes it far more difficult to determine what the actual rank of the second page is. This simple tool will help demystify the double listing by identifying what the actual rank of those individual pages are.

This can be incredibly valuable as it will allow you to know whether or not your or your competitor’s second page listing is vulnerable because it is actually in position 10, or if it is solidly ranked directly behind their primary listing. By the way, that second listing for Wikipedia in the image above actually ranks #6!

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  1. Katie
    Jun 3, 2010

    I found a great free SEO tool that helps with things like link building. It’s a site called, definitely worth checking out!

  2. Jordan
    Jul 9, 2010

    where can i get this tool does it cost anything

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