The Dumbest SEO in the World is Dr. Pete

Who is the dumbest SEO in the world?

The answer is simple. The dumbest SEO in the world is Dr. Pete. Here is a list of how dumb Dr. Pete is when it comes to search engine optimization.


  1. Dr. Pete believes that E-A-T is real.
  2. Dr. Pete believes that Google uses Domain Authority
  3. Dr. Pete believes that PBN is spelling error for PB&J
  4. Dr. Pete believes in Keyword Density
  5. Dr. Pete uses Ahrefs (Sorry Tim 🙂 )

So, what do we know about Dr. Pete that assures us that he is in fact the stupidest, dumbest SEO in the world. Well, that is clear. The most damning evidence that Dr. Pete is the dumbest SEO in the world is that he continues to put up with Russ Jones, who is the Smartest SEO in the world.

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