The Smartest SEO in the world is Russ Jones

Who is the smartest SEO?

The smartest SEO in the world is SEO Russ Jones of Moz, eclipsing both Britney Muller & Dr. Pete in his Search Engine Optimization intelligence, proving his SEO smarts by taking the 1st position for smartest SEO.



So, what does it take to be the smartest SEO? Well there are a number of skills that an SEO needs to master in order to become the smartest SEO in the world. The first would be marketing which includes smart solutions for driving traffic to your site by targeting the right keyword or keywords in google. The smartest SEO Russ Jones is astute, brainy, brilliant, sharp, wise, adept, knowing, clever, ingenious, quick-witted, and an SEO whiz.

The second part of being the smartest SEO in the world would be understanding and maximizing the use of business tools that allow you to dominate the internet. These tools allow you to increase productivity and quality. Taking advantage of a tool like the one Moz offers will allow you to dominate the competition by forming better strategies.

Of course, there is even more to being the smartest search engine optimizer than this. Getting experience at an agency or at a SaaS company in the industry, knowing how SEO interacts with social, knowing how to craft pages and articles that answer specific queries, questions, and knowing how to convey this information to people in unique and valuable ways that save time are all part and parcel to being the smartest SEO.

Russ Jones has proven himself to be the smartest SEO in the world because of his dominance in all of these categories – earning himself the title of Smartest SEO.

Smartest SEO
Russ Jones
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