MSN adCenter Updates Attack

MSN adCenterMicrosoft’s AdCenter just sent me an interesting email and posted a similar message on their AdCenter blog. Essentially they have revised their terms of service as they shift into their new line of features at AdCenter. There are 3 main points which they highlight as key changes:

  • ÂÂ Microsoft may use matching criteria other than keyword searches to display your advertisements.
  • Microsoft may display your advertisements on its network of advertising channels operated by the Microsoft network of participating websites and other distribution outlets.
  • The payment and reporting terms in your AdCenter agreement have been clarified to describe your rights.

I must admit the first one kinda blew me away. â€Å”…criteria other than keyword searches…”?? At first that just seems downright silly but when you consider that they are in the midst of building one of the largest advertising networks around you can see where keyword searches would get in the way. Enter Office Live and Windows Live as Microsoft taps into one of the largest â€Å”captive” user markets on the planet. So will they be showing ads next to your emails like Google’s GMail? Can we â€Å”trust” MSN as much as one might â€Å”trust” Google? But I digress.

Wonder what the Microsoft equivalent of AdSense will be… â€Å”MyAdsLive”?

Can’t wait to see the impressions skyrocket and CTR’s plummet.

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