Google AdWords On Fire

Google AdWordsThe team over at Google AdWords are throwing the kitchen sink at Yahoo! There has been a dramatic increase in the number of new offerings to the Google advertiser which look remarkably similar to things over at Yahoo!’s Panama. There have also been some exciting offerings which are promising to improve the way websites behave and interact with internet surfers. (Yeah I’m talking about Website Optimizer which I am currently running several tests with so I thought I’d wait to make my comments on it instead of joining the masses.) Here are a few of the things I’ve seen popping up over the last couple weeks and months:

  1. Conversion Column
    • Shows exactly how many conversions have taken place.
    • I think this is a nice addition as I am not always up for doing the math, especially when wanting to glance at monthly figures.
  2. Preferred Cost Bidding
    • Allows you to make an average bid as opposed to a maximum bid.
    • This is an interesting concept although I feel it takes some control away from the advertiser. It would probably be good for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to put into watching their accounts, among other potential advantages.
  3. Website Optimizer – Open to Public
    • I’m loving this so far. Multivariate testing made easy, how could you not love it? (There is a substantial analytics cross-over component here as well.)
    • I have held out on commenting on it as I think it deserves its own post, or book for that matter. Also it seems like everyone and their brothers’ uncle is commenting on it at the moment. We’ve got several experiments running at the moment and the laundry list is adding up as to things to consider. (This tool has the potential to up the ante for every online marketer on the planet. The cats’ out of the bag.)
  4. Account Snapshot (Beta)
    • An overview page with multiple sections, graphs and summary figures.
    • This is a very nice feature I have been seeing pop up in accounts that we manage. (First seen in 11/06 I believe) When managing multiple accounts getting the info you want as quickly as possible is nothing but a good thing. It looks incredibly like parts of the Panama interface which leads me to believe it is a direct shot at that juggernaut. Although I must admit I still find it easier to manage the Google accounts.One thing that I would like to see is a revenue component. A ROAS column would also be a nice touch, every little on demand number helps when determining what actions to take in the keyword game. Yahoo! has the upper hand here for the time being.

Combine all this with the new quality algos and the things going down over at the Google Webmasters department, (e.g. increased transparency with verified site owners) Google is working hard to keep your business. Judging by the latest profit and revenue numbers posted by Google they are doing a bang up job of it.

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  1. Mark
    Apr 22, 2007

    “Judging by the latest profit and revenue numbers posted by Google they are doing a bang up job of it.”

    – don’t you realise the cash is coming from the advertiser’s margins?

  2. jeff staub
    Apr 23, 2007

    @ Mark

    Yes of course. And Google continues to bring in those advertisers dollars, which was the point, not that they were saving the advertisers any money. (If that’s what you’re talking about.)


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