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I’m Ian and I’d like to introduce myself and my blog here at thegooglecache. I’m a programmer at Virante and my interests lie in usability, software engineering, online community, linux, open source software, and now CakePHP. I’d like to invite you to come read about all of these things, especially the latter, at Virante’s new blog

LetThemCodeCake was an idea I had a few weeks ago while I was learning how to program inside of the CakePHP framework. We decided to use CakePHP because we wanted an efficient method for making large web applications. I wanted to place emphasis on code reuse and an MVC architecture. We decided that developing a coding standard, and our own MVC architecture would take too much time. With so many people out there working on the same goals of rapid and elegant web development, why reinvent the wheel?

Since the programming team at Virante are all quite skilled in php, and we have a solid pipeline of work to do, we decided that CakePHP was the most efficient route to follow.

CakePHP is a really nice framework. They’ve done a great job developing a solid and elegant MVC framework. Overall it’s been really nice to work with. However, A few days in to development of a web community site we realized exactly how lacking the CakePHP documentation currently is.

LetThemCodeCake aims to help the development of Cake’s documentation by documenting the points of view of php programmers that are just learning the framework.

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  1. Sebastian
    Apr 4, 2007

    I’m getting error messages when i try to access your page.
    PHP-Error Messages?
    you ALWAYS should disable display_errors on EVERY public server. Use log_errors ….

  2. ian thomas
    Apr 4, 2007

    Thanks for the comment. It’s back up now. I was installing ig syntax highlighter and it’s code was messing up and displaying the errors.

  3. Sarah
    May 6, 2007

    It’s great to have more cake resources out there. I’ve only needed to use HABTM once and it was able to follow the examples very, very closely. Phew.

    I’ve had some real resourcing issues where I’ve had to break models and do custom queries – everything was fine until it got production data!

    But I’m committed to Cake. I think it’s awesome for those times when you need more than a CMS.

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