GrepWords is Mine, All Mine, Muhahahahaha…. well, also Carters, but still, close enough.

So, it is rare that I make the foray into paid tools, but I finally decided to bite the bullet and jump in. About 4 months ago I was reached out to by the folks at GrepWords as I was working on a post on YouMoz and had put out a request over Twitter for any ideas on keyword tools. At the time, like many of you, I had never heard of GrepWords. They were a beta API at that point and only really offered 2 things. Lots of keyword data, fast. Interestingly enough, that is what I needed. That is what I have always needed. Unfortunately, they needed a lot of work. They couldn’t really do payment processing well because they were outside the U.S., they didn’t really have a nice design or any tools tied to it. They built up a decent group of beta users who...

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