Why Compromise? MemSQL Outperforms NoSQL Solutions Again and Again

So, it probably isn’t much of a surprise to those of you that follow me on twitter that I am huge fan of the in memory database memSQL. There are a lot of awesome reasons why memSQL is crazy fast, which I’ll get to later, for why I have grown to love this database but let’s get started with my latest job… The Scenario I have 30 million results pages from Google searches, meaning 300 million entries for a URL, Domain, Subdomain, Keyword and Ranking. You can easily imagine a giant spreadsheet with this data in it. The row might look something like this in the spreadsheet… 1 | http://www.thegooglecache.com/ | www.thegooglecache.com | thegooglecache.com | google cache | 1 My first job is simple – given any URL, Subdomain or Domain,...

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