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Join Us at the Raleigh SEO Networking Event

Hey folks, we are sponsoring the next upcoming Raleigh SEO event, this Thursday the 21st of July from 6:00PM until late. Free beer and great networking – learn more at RaleighSEO Event: Ding, Ding, Round 2 for Raleigh SEO Date: Thursday 21st July 2011 Time: 6pm until late Location: Isaac Hunter’s Oak City Tavern Sponsor: Virante, Inc No tags for this post.

On Black Hat SEO

So, the last few days have been interesting to say the least. I spoke in London at Distilled’s Link Building conference specifically on the issue of social media link building. It stirred up quite a bit of controversy after blog posters decided to give their own spin to what my talk was about. While I am not going to sit here and pretend that I did not discuss a wide range of SEO techniques, I want to make something clear. If you think that we use black hat techniques to promote client sites or our own properties, you are a damn fool. Hell, we run a link spam prevention service for free that blocks hundreds of thousands of spam links per day. We have a free CAPTCHA service that blocks thousands more. Do you think we came up with effective spam prevention...

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Matt Cutts

I spoke yesterday at the excellent Distilled link building conference in London and will be again in a week. While my session covered a range of white-hat to black-hat techniques in social media link building, it was certainly the darker side of marketing that drew the most attention as the conference it self in general focussed on white hat techniques. At the end of the session, someone joked if I was afraid if Matt Cutts was in the audience, and I brushed it off saying “Im not afraid of Matt Cutts” and I think it came across as a bit braggadocios. The truth is that no one needs to be afraid of Matt Cutts. His goal is not to scare people into using particular tactics – in fact, his primary agenda is to protect the integrity of google search...

Signing off for a bit…

My wife and I just had our first baby, Claren Riley Jones, on Sunday. Life is rad. No tags for this post.

Apple Fix This Please – IPad Select Field Abbreviation Issue

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Getting Links from the Top 50 Domains

The good folks over at SEOMoz have provided us with a list of the Top 500 Linked Domains according to the Linkscape index. I thought it would be interesting to start churning through the list and finding out how search marketers, spammers, etc. are finding ways to get their links on each of these incredible domains. Some of them are incredibly sneaky and blackhat (check out the Flickr and AOL links, for example). Here is a list of the top 50 or so. (Sometimes we have to resort to subdomains)… get in the directory followed forum links If you cant figure out how to get a link on blogspot, give up now. join the directory Create your own channel Add it, it will be nofollowed, but still...

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