What is one way link building?

A link is the construction of the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) where a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is set in the SRC attribute of an A HREF tag.

Link building is generally considered one of the most important parts of search engine optimization or SEO as Google and other search engines have long considered linking as an important part of their rankings algorithm . Historically, search engine marketers have attempted to manipulate links by finding ways to convince other webmasters to link building to them, thereby increasing the total number of links.

One of the original methods of acquiring links was called reciprocal link building. This meant that one webmaster would build links to your site in exchange for you to build a link to their landing page. Unfortunately, Google considered this type of link building spam. One way link building, on the other hand, points a link from a single website to another without having to link back to that website. Many consider this type of link of special value because it flows PageRank in a single direction.

There are several common forms of one way link building including articles in the form of article syndication or guest blog posts, referrals or ratings on individual websites, links in comments, potentially some social shares, and a handful of other tactics.

One way links can have manipulated anchor text with the keywords of your choice or could use brand or navigational anchor text. Ultimately, most one way link building campaigns are intent on improving search engine popularity to increase ranking and the number of people visiting your website.

Generally, one way link building does not refer to internal HTML links within sites on the internet, rather specifically with improving the rankings of a specific resource by acquiring a link from a different domain altogether.



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  1. Blake Woolwine
    Sep 16, 2015

    Great post Russ! I really enjoyed reading the section about spam SEO tactics. You really called out a lot of “SEO” specialists and clearly stated the correct way to build links. It is a shame to know marketers would do anything to get results including cheating themselves and other people.

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