The Tedious but Effective Way to Use Digg “Recommended”

The Digg “Recommended” engine has changed the effectiveness of submissions on Digg quite substantially. However, there are certainly ways that you can take advantage of this measurement to your own good.

First, what exactly do we want to do? We want to find people who…

  1. Vote on stories that are like the content we are trying to promote
  2. Vote on stories that are still in the Upcoming section
  3. Vote on stories regularly

So, let’s go to work finding exactly those types of people.

Let’s assume that you are promoting health products, so your target would be the /health topic.

Point your browser to and click on “Most Diggs”.

Click into the comments of each story (at least 5), and then into “Who Dugg”

Click on “all diggers” and then proceed to copy and paste all of the diggers who voted on the story (make sure you hit the next button) into a spreadsheet

Repeat these steps daily for 5 days.

At the end of the week, sort the spreadsheet by username and find the top 20 diggers from that category.

Now, it is time to start stalking.

Go to{username of the top 20 diggers}

Go and vote on all the stories that digger has voted on in the last 24 hours.

Make sure you click through to each story and take some time to breath so as not to trip any of Digg’s new anti-click-script penalties.

Voila, you will see those individuals pop-up on your most-similar list which means that it is likely they will start seeing your content more readily in the Recommended / Upcoming section!

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  1. Bob B.
    Oct 4, 2008

    I posted a little bit of code to alleviate the first part of the tedium here:

  2. Taylor
    Nov 12, 2008

    Is this really that effective? It seems like a lot of time to spend just to get 20 people to see your post on Digg….can you explain how it might be useful for more than just that purpose?


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