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So, one of the most annoying things out there when it comes to creating graphics for the web are pie charts. You can do it by hand in a graphics program, download a PHP class and custom-implement it, or you can do it in a program like Excel, take a screen shot, crop and resize and upload it. Any way you look at it, creating HTML pie charts is pretty ridiculous. That is, until now.

I threw together a front-end for a popular open source (GPL) php class for generating Pie Charts using GD (GDGraph by Makko). The tool located here,, makes creation of pie charts as easy as filling out a few forms.

I have also added a nice little Javascript implementation so you do not have to go through the front-end every time you want a pie chart. You can just edit a few lines of simple javascript and paste it to your site.

Hopefully you will be able to use the tool! Let me know of any suggestions or comments.

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  1. Andy Matthews
    Dec 12, 2006

    Hey man…great job on this. I found this page via Sitepoint’s News Wire. Well done.

  2. cvander
    Dec 12, 2006

    You did a great job with this tool. Thanks for the code.

  3. laura lippay
    Dec 20, 2006

    have i mentioned? you guys are SO linkbait (the real kind!).

  4. SEO Portal
    Dec 21, 2006

    Nice tool.
    But pie charts in general aren’t very good to use in representing numbers or stats.
    Almost most of the time it’s better to use bar charts..

  5. Megha Sharma
    Apr 2, 2007

    Great tool! But when I try to reduce the size of the chart the Legend overlaps the chart. I need a very small chart so i reduced the dimensions to half but then I can’t see the chart clearly

    I tried to resolve it but can’t find anything that I can change in the javascript code provided. Please suggest something.

  6. Caleb Rascon
    Jun 12, 2007


    My name is Caleb Rascon, and I’m from Makko (the company that built the php class you’re basing your work on). Just browsing by, really. Very interesting product you have going on here. Glad that our php class is being used this way.

    If you have any comments on how we can improve it, just drop us a line; we’re happy to help out.

    Thank you all, and keep on coding!


  7. Hemalee Weerasinghe
    Nov 13, 2008

    It’s great

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