Launch of Zero to One Million Book Today!

I don’t read books. Sure, I fill my day reading blogs, newspapers, magazines, but seldom do I have the time or energy to really sit down and delve into a book. My attention span is too short, and my leisure time so limited, that the idea of reading a book seems like a distant luxury.

However, this is a book I will read. Full disclosure: Ryan Allis is my boss, and I count him as a friend. However, unlike other young entrepreneurs, there is something different about Ryan and what he has written about. Unlike most entrepreneurs still in their early twenties, Ryan has created multiple successful stories. What most people don’t realize is that his book Zero to One Million is in it’s third revision NOT because he didn’t do a good job editing the first two, but because each book actually relays and refines the information he has learned in building up yet another business to over a million in sales.

Even though I have access to Ryan for advice on a daily basis, I will still be picking up a copy today from Amazon and reading it. I think all of us would love to have built 3 separate companies to over $1,000,000 in sales by the time we were 23, but it is not too late to get started.

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