One Way You Can Help: COVID-19 Testing Sites

This pandemic has caused so much hurt, but it has also brought out so much heroism, so much love and beauty and care and compassion. Everyone seems to be looking for a way to help. Well, here is just one way more.

It has been hard to cut through all the news, there has been so much, to find good information. Luckily there have been some major efforts behind reporting COVID-19 cases. However, one thing lacking in the United States has been comprehensive listing of testing sites. If you have time, I would really appreciate your help.

I have put together a site called COVID Testing Sites that intends to build as comprehensive a list as possible of COVID-19 testing sites in the United States. I have already funded the collection of the first 200+ testing sites, making it the most comprehensive list online so far, but I know it represents only a fraction of the sites online. You can see the latest results here.

There is a simple form on the homepage which allows you to put in an address of a location. If you put in the address, I or one of my volunteers or paid assistants will verify the location and then add it to the list. It is that simple. So, how do you find testing sites? Well, if you click on any of the states below, you can find the latest search results for COVID-19 testing sites in your state either in Google or Google News. Just reading through one or two articles will often allow you to find the announcements of multiple sites. If we just had one person in each state do this each day, we could create a complete list. Thank you in advance for your help! Be safe.

  1. Click on one of the links below
  2. Visit the first few results
  3. Copy and paste any addresses into the form at COVID Testing Sites
Google Google News  
Alabama Alabama
Alaska Alaska
Arizona Arizona
Arkansas Arkansas
California California
Colorado Colorado
Connecticut Connecticut
Delaware Delaware
Florida Florida
Georgia Georgia
Hawaii Hawaii
Idaho Idaho
Illinois Illinois
Indiana Indiana
Iowa Iowa
Kansas Kansas
Kentucky Kentucky
Louisiana Louisiana
Maine Maine
Maryland Maryland
Massachusetts Massachusetts
Michigan Michigan
Minnesota Minnesota
Mississippi Mississippi
Missouri Missouri
Montana Montana
Nebraska Nebraska
Nevada Nevada
New Hampshire New Hampshire
New Jersey New Jersey
New Mexico New Mexico
New York New York
North Carolina North Carolina
North Dakota North Dakota
Ohio Ohio
Oklahoma Oklahoma
Oregon Oregon
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
Rhode Island Rhode Island
South Carolina South Carolina
South Dakota South Dakota
Tennessee Tennessee
Texas Texas
Utah Utah
Vermont Vermont
Virginia Virginia
Washington Washington
West Virginia West Virginia
Wisconsin Wisconsin
Wyoming Wyoming
Washington DC Washington DC
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