96.6% of Wikipedia Pages Rank in Google’s Top 10

While everyone has noticed Wikipedia dominating Google’s search results, this is a little outrageous. After grabbing 600 random pages from Wikipedia (using their special:random link), I conducted searches in Google for each of the titles of the Wikipedia entries. Out of the 600, 580 were in the top 10.

Wikipedia Entry Top 10?
Czechoslovakia at the 1960 Summer Olympics yes
Jefferson Park yes
Unity Day yes
St. John Vianney High School (New Jersey) yes
Veil of Darkness no
Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp. v. Public Service Commission no
Al-Fakik (crater) yes
Group key no
Driver Hearing yes
Black Lips yes
William Shakespear yes
Comparative government yes
Robert J. White yes
Lila Bell Wallace yes
William Dodd (Congressional candidate) yes
Star (glyph) yes
Kathleen Freeman yes
Jim Bohannon yes
Tacca leontopetaloides no
SS Ile de France yes
American Culinary Federation no
Kashara yes
Universe (documentary) yes
Hauge, Østfold yes
Hugh Welch Diamond yes
Richard Crasta yes
Montevista, Compostela Valley yes
Michio yes
Tata Administrative Service yes
Osvald Teshik yes
William E. Cleator, Sr. yes
Yengema yes
Die Blutgräfin yes
Cabin Boy yes
Albatros L 79 yes
1993 CFL season yes
Louis Brandeis yes
Komorovice yes
Hammersmith Palais 19:5:85 yes
Cambridge, Minnesota yes
Centi yes
Randolph Harding yes
Iraqi TV yes
Samuel Slovák yes
Saskatchewan Highway 735 yes
Sampson Nanton yes
Critical Path (video game) yes
Robert Ironside yes
Allah Muhammed Saleem yes
Eric Marshall no
Calvin Gotlieb yes
Citizen Change yes
Northlake yes
Unleashed (Bow Wow album) yes
Glamsbjerg yes
Delphi effect yes
Dr. Alban yes
Magenta box yes
Great Bear Lake yes
Scilly Isles, Surrey yes
One Nationwide Plaza yes
Illiopolis Township, Sangamon County, Illinois yes
Ichneumon wasp yes
Melissa McIntyre yes
McCullough Mountains yes
Constant Weight yes
Shreve, Lamb and Harmon yes
YAF no
Standing Pine, Mississippi yes
Common fund yes
That Crook’d ‘Sipp yes
Sivas Airport yes
Line by Line no
Choana yes
White Pass (Washington) yes
Tony Perkis yes
Owen Owen yes
Lakehurst Cinema yes
Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMIX yes
United States Court of Customs and Patent Appeals yes
Ecocentrism yes
Go?dap yes
Batha Est yes
List of asteroids/143601–143700 yes
Fernando Lanhas yes
Los Dementes Algarete yes
Freestyle skiing at the 1994 Winter Olympics yes
Lancair Propjet yes
John Aniston yes
The Entity (album) yes
William R. Coe yes
Albugo candida yes
Delivered Duty Paid yes
Methadone yes
Avery Weigh-Tronix yes
Salem Township, Meigs County, Ohio yes
Molecules (journal) yes
Maelle Ricker yes
U.S. Route 216 yes
Tolleson Union High School no
No More the Fool (1986 album) yes
Marly (TransMilenio) yes
N-methyl-3-methoxy-4,5-methylendioxyamphetamine yes
Spot croaker yes
Monica Rodrigues yes
Shoeshine yes
The Rooms yes
Orders of magnitude (speed) yes
Nesbit Willoughby yes
Symphony No. 7 (Bruckner) yes
Maurizio Nichetti yes
St. John’s Church, Boxmoor yes
O’Neil Ford yes
Hold yes
List of horror punk bands yes
L’Allegro yes
New London, North Carolina yes
James Blackburn yes
Backfire! yes
Ken Kocher no
Helliwell Provincial Park yes
Third Philippic yes
Wabakimi Provincial Park yes
Ikejiri-O-hashi Station yes
Mario Haas yes
Loleatta Holloway yes
Sangita Myska yes
Gippsland soccer league yes
Brett White yes
Banksia Grove, Western Australia yes
Waterloo-St. Jacobs Railway yes
Anton Nilson yes
Earth Summit yes
Gursum, Oromia (woreda) yes
North Coast Australian Football League yes
Irish National Botanic Gardens yes
Feng Xiaoting yes
Jeff Clyne yes
Mark King yes
Touchdown Atlantic yes
4th Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment yes
Like You Like an Arsonist yes
Lac La Nonne yes
ASM Oran yes
59th World Science Fiction Convention yes
Volleybird yes
Mira Estrela yes
Hocine Achiou yes
Yakov Vilner yes
Vellinge Municipality yes
Riskbase no
Annona purpurea yes
Baal-hazor yes
Rae Valentine no
William Keil yes
National flags inspired by the flag of Turkey yes
Fukuno, Toyama yes
Byavatnet yes
St Stephen’s House, Oxford yes
Two-price advertising yes
All Nepal Trade Union Federation (Revolutionary) yes
Nick Nostitz yes
Ultra Mobile Broadband yes
War Wind II: Human Onslaught yes
La Libertad, Francisco Morazán yes
Lycaenopsis yes
Oscar Heisserer yes
Endemic Bird Areas of the World: Priorities for Biodiversity Conservation yes
Ivy Compton-Burnett yes
De Beste Med Di Derre yes
Unterseeboot 65 yes
Prolefeed yes
Setaka, Fukuoka yes
Barcaldine Shire Council yes
Love Is in the Heir yes
James Shapiro (disambiguation) yes
The Anthony Nolan Trust yes
Fire Prevention Week no
I Don’t See Me in Your Eyes Anymore yes
Juan Miranda (baseball player) yes
Apple Inc. yes
List of asteroids/100301–100400 yes
Gordon Van Gelder yes
Small appliance yes
Tahyna Tozzi yes
Greece at the 2002 Winter Olympics yes
Elmer White yes
Drift seed yes
Connie Price-Smith yes
Bernard VIII of Comminges yes
St Mary High School, Jamaica W.I yes
Koudelka (Barrayar) yes
Riverside South (Canary Wharf) yes
Southeastern Film Critics Association yes
Mick Cripps yes
John Milne yes
Sugar palm yes
Canadian Pulp and Paper Association yes
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation yes
Allstate 400 at the Brickyard yes
Pango yes
Elizabeth Harrower yes
Madre de Deus yes
Melitaea diamina yes
Estadio Edgardo Baltodano Briceño yes
Nezahualcoyotl yes
Entering the Arena yes
Law Concerning the National Flag and Anthem yes
Krosno yes
Biostimulation yes
Freiberg (district) yes
Llancanelo Lagoon yes
James Chance yes
Rens van Eijden yes
Killer Ds yes
Shoprite (Isle of Man) yes
Tara Brach yes
Collomia yes
Spring Hill Mall yes
Birkir Bjarnason yes
CAUS yes
Lake Erie Beach, New York yes
Drusus Claudius Nero yes
Crisis theory yes
Win My Soul no
1623 in art yes
Sandhills Horticultural Gardens yes
List of departments at the CUHK School of Medicine yes
Chewy Granola Bars no
Bungoma yes
Montenegro women’s national handball team yes
Humacao Airport yes
United Nations Security Council Resolution 31 no
Judith (homily) yes
1950 in organized crime yes
The Trouble with Girls yes
Bermuda Principles yes
Inviscid flow yes
ABS-CBN News Channel yes
OFI Sunday yes
Sandbridge Beach, Virginia yes
Framingham Earl High School yes
NAPA Auto Parts 200 yes
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap yes
Spanish Match yes
Lansing Bagnall yes
Dallas Public Library yes
A Year at the Movies: One Man’s Filmgoing Odyssey yes
Orange bellowsfish yes
Mary Arden (judge) yes
André Dumortier yes
Diocese of Riobamba yes
Ashikaga Yoshinori yes
List of Anti-consumerists yes
Sipsey River (disambiguation) yes
A.S. Pizzighettone yes
Virago (Star Wars) yes
Majšperk yes
A Single no
Fuse (Colin James album) yes
Robert Lincoln Poston yes
List of notable Old Harrovians yes
Diana Haddad yes
Video Gems yes
When They Lay Bare yes
List of Intense Football League seasons yes
Ornithosuchidae yes
Charles W. Freeman, Jr. yes
Torpedo yes
Live in Nottingham yes
1990 in literature yes
Disappearing Rainbow Indicator yes
Back Up Dancer yes
Ayer Rajah yes
HMS Forth (1938) yes
Shae Marks yes
Interstate 295 (Delaware-New Jersey) yes
Graydon Creed yes
Single-instance storage yes
Running the Halls yes
Schutzbach yes
Nik Mrdja yes
George Meany yes
Worldbeat yes
Adraskan District yes
Park-McCullough Historic House yes
Steggerda yes
Chokhamela yes
Woodville Football Club yes
Bend Ova yes
Elizabeth Earl yes
Kaburu yes
Jikininki yes
VU meter yes
Gary Numan yes
Jaghun yes
List of ethnic slurs by ethnicity yes
Banco Itaú yes
Denis Lamoureux yes
South West Caucasian Republic yes
Attacks affecting Lebanese industry in the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict yes
Pictures of You yes
South Dublin (UK Parliament constituency) yes
Graeme Edge yes
Salvadora persica yes
African Journal of AIDS Research yes
Irish Americans in New York City yes
Parallel Lines yes
Ken Strong yes
Potton United F.C. yes
Jean Étienne Bercé no
Pera Skafi yes
Bahamas at the 1952 Summer Olympics yes
S,ilki yes
Cocles yes
Mwotlap yes
Conspiritus yes
Be Ever Wonderful yes
Amaliricus yes
Choral scholar yes
Jorquelleh District yes
Kolber yes
Gugelhupf yes
Demister (Vapor) yes
International Baseball League of Australia MVP yes
Verona Island, Maine yes
Cyprus Cycling Federation yes
Isaac Fraser no
Estonian Air yes
Maurepas yes
MHC class I yes
Byzantine ancestry of Greek Royal Family yes
Bertran de Born yes
N-skeleton yes
Warpath (comics) yes
Henry Holland (architect) yes
Farz (2001 film) yes
Vincent Hugo Bendix yes
Turkey Ford, North Carolina yes
Winnipeg Transit yes
General Atomics GNAT-750 yes
L’Hospitalet de Llobregat yes
DEVO Live: The Mongoloid Years yes
Rimland yes
Müslüm Gürses yes
Ed Nimmervoll yes
Shiwei yes
FICA (disambiguation) no
List of ethics topics yes
Clan Stirling yes
Richard de Morville yes
John Holtby yes
Sharon Corr yes
Mkhare yes
List of Japanese ski jumpers yes
Murder Love yes
Projet Orange yes
Color of Night yes
Students of AMF yes
Yamatotakada, Nara yes
Archie Campbell’s Cove yes
List of colonial governors in 1787 yes
Bastro yes
Wyoming State Capitol yes
Satu Mare (disambiguation) yes
Back in Baroque… The String Tribute to AC/DC yes
Landsmannschaft Ostpreußen yes
Neo-Taino yes
Evelyn Hart yes
Glycoprotein yes
Dura Convertible Systems yes
Luzhou Branch Line (TRTS) yes
Hoya de Buñol yes
Shlomo Gazit yes
Majerovce yes
Caption yes
Securitas AB yes
Mukkuva laws yes
United States Army Rangers yes
Computer Modern yes
Anuvanahalli yes
Loriga yes
Archana (Hinduism) yes
Metabidiminished rhombicosidodecahedron yes
Burton in Lonsdale yes
Uganda People’s Democratic Army yes
Rhydderch ab Iestyn yes
Strontium sulfate yes
Timeline of the United States Constitution yes
Dragan Joc(ic’ yes
Crusade of Fire yes
Clifton High School yes
Pearl District, Portland, Oregon yes
Bridge River Country yes
Geoffrey Walsh yes
Ferwerderadiel yes
Odzi yes
Lee Atwater yes
123 yes
Ramoji Film City yes
Merritt Cabal yes
Puckeridge yes
Lambert quadrilateral yes
Jeffrey Morgan yes
Critical path method yes
U.S. Route 277 yes
Steve Biddulph yes
Joey Jeremiah yes
Louisiana gubernatorial election, 2003 yes
The Great BMX Race yes
Second Heat (album) yes
Yellow River (song) yes
Garrick Club yes
Heathcote Williams yes
Lucy Walker (climber) yes
Rasheeda yes
List of asteroids/57701–57800 yes
Midmar Mile yes
Potato ricer yes
Libero International yes
W.S. McIntosh Memorial Leadership Award yes
Colsterworth yes
Charles Malik yes
Casimir Code yes
Francisco Martínez Jiménez yes
Antigone (disambiguation) yes
Pennsylvania Route 562 yes
Dee Ferris yes
John Reeves Pierce yes
Lynn Oliphant yes
Unshakable Race yes
Serie A 1969-70 yes
List of Grand Prix motorcycle racers: P yes
Kenneth Rose yes
RCW103 yes
Vietnam Television yes
Red Springs yes
Zeuthen (disambiguation) yes
Jaroslav Bednár( yes
Mustafa Sar?gül yes
Eryngium giganteum yes
Click chemistry yes
David Terrier yes
Independence Heights, Houston, Texas yes
Our Lady of Tepeyac High School yes
Greek gardens yes
Institutions offering Mechatronics Engineering yes
Nielson Field yes
Body Glove yes
Bout-coupé yes
Charley Straight yes
D.A. Lizards yes
Arab Times yes
Nerang River yes
Jeff Keeping yes
Gim Allon yes
Nélida Piñon yes
1979 PBA season yes
Patrick J. Lynch yes
Cardiac Arrest (TV series) yes
Capone (rapper) yes
Thirroul railway station, New South Wales yes
Schwanthalerhöhe (Munich U-Bahn) yes
Yamada, Fukuoka yes
TV Cogeco (Windsor, Ontario) yes
HMS Tre Kronor yes
Jhanda Singh Dhillon yes
Lack of Brains VS. Brawns yes
Maleli Kunavore yes
Scattering amplitude yes
Porsche 989 yes
Green Party of England and Wales yes
Mälaren yes
Butler Capital Partners yes
Sölden Priory yes
Tricky Kick yes
List of mayors in Canada yes
KMOD yes
United Front (India) yes
Cometman yes
Music history of the United States during the Civil War era yes
Norman Collier yes
Madeline Smithberg yes
Minto Airport yes
List of highways numbered 190 yes
Rafik Sorman yes
Lance Broadway no
British Rail yes
Victoriana no
UC San Diego School of Medicine no
David Batchelor yes
Carrozzeria Marazzi yes
Sixteenth Army (Germany) yes
Vyšné Nemecké yes
St. Petersburg Open yes
Cibolo, Texas yes
198th Infantry Brigade (United States) yes
Giovinezza yes
Gordon no
In the Kingdom of Mao Bell yes
Trifecta yes
Suitcase yes
Jayrock yes
Isabelle Tazbir yes
Elba, Wisconsin yes
Dagorhir yes
StarLAN yes
Cobordism theorem yes
Altaïr (character) yes
These Ones Are Bitter yes
Gila River Indian Community yes
Senarclens yes
Killian documents authenticity issues yes
Music of Finland yes
Katarina Löfström yes
List of people associated with Columbus, Ohio yes
Runaway (Amalgam Comics) yes
Dick in a Box yes
Gunner (American football) yes
Yury Chernavsky yes
Cezaro Rossetti yes
The Sky Is a Landfill yes
Whipped Cream & Other Delights no
With This Ring no
River Barle yes
Spinsterhood no
Cairo Regional Internet Exchange yes
Centerville, Indiana yes
Middle Class Revolt yes
Republic of Virtue yes
Saddleback caterpillar no
Mihail Majearu yes
Fulfillingness’ First Finale yes
Mesad Hashavyahu yes
Exeter, Illinois yes
Mark Teltscher yes
Alfred Edward Gaby yes
List of politicians on Jack and Bobby yes
K. K. Downing yes
Rick Duff yes
Law enforcement in Saint Kitts and Nevis yes
Eamonn Walker yes
Configware/Software-Co-Compilation yes
Electoral division of Barkly yes
Greenup Commercial Historic District yes
Vue at Brickell yes
Sestos yes
Response amplitude operator yes
USS Adder (SS-3) yes
The Kid America Club yes
Alfred Stelzner yes
Alenia Aeronautica yes
List of Sonic X episodes yes
Tunnel vision yes
117th Regiment of Foot yes
Blancheflour and Jollyflorice yes
Michal Viewegh yes
Ticket yes
Keio- 7000 series yes
WKAQ yes
Pabillonis yes
Sheldon Roberts yes
Streetheart (band) yes
Chariot tactics yes
Blaga Dimitrova yes
Blue Skied an’ Clear (album) yes
Bahariasaurus yes
Sudanese Air Force yes
William Blundell yes
NZL-92 yes
Žagare. yes
Silent Rivers yes
Matti Hagman yes
Silicon Gulf yes
Wally Lamb yes
St Botolph’s Aldgate yes
Polytheistic reconstructionism yes
A Taxing Woman 2 yes
Daniel Quinteros yes
Ben Berger yes
Town Called Dobson yes
Mandy Hampton yes
Benjamin Block yes
Untitled Gorillaz project yes
The Early Bird Show yes
National Labor Committee in Support of Human and Worker Rights yes
Liu Shueh-Shuan yes
Patriarch Athenagoras I of Constantinople yes
Saturday Sneak Preview yes
Avistar no
Meera Kosambi yes
King George Square, Brisbane yes
West Australian Women’s Football League yes
Multiply (website) yes
United States Organized Crime Strike Force yes
Cricket 07 yes
International Socialist Organization (New Zealand) yes
Albert Edward Smith yes
Totals 580/600 (96.66%)

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  1. Emlak Sitesi
    Dec 10, 2011

    People who are always complaining about how Wikipedia is unreliable don’t know how to use it.

    Wikipedia is and never was intended to be an academic journal. It’s a STARTING POINT, not the endpoint of your research. Always take a look at the references used. If it doesn’t have some, don’t trust it, if it does, follow those links to verify the information. Each Wikipedia page has plenty of links to its sources so you can read them on your own. A word of warning, some might go over your head.

  2. Nic Cohen
    Jul 9, 2012

    Wikipedia still getting bad press, not everything in life is perfect, however the majority of the information is generally relevant and correct, if not then you are able to edit what you like when you like!

  3. David A. Southerland
    May 24, 2013

    In the U.S. Wikipedia is in most results on any engine.

    What’s the glory of winning a race if the race or a contest is
    fixed ? Wikipedia pays company who utilizing search engines(or another company) to be there at the top. Except or unless, you
    were to only put very common search in, like ‘the soap is in the


  4. Jack London
    Jun 12, 2014

    Wikipedia is a great resource for pretty much all the relevant information one needs on daily basis and this community run enterprise will thrive further in the future as well.


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