Can I Rank for This Keyword?

One of the most common questions that search engine optimizers, agencies, and webmasters come upon when doing keyword research is “can I rank for this keyword?” It is a surprisingly difficult question to answer. Knowing all of the factors is nearly impossible, and going through one-by-one against the competition can be difficult, especially if you want to check a lot of keywords and simply exclude all those that are out of reach.

Well, in this video I walk through a very simple way to find this number in Keyword Explorer by using all your rankings data from Google Search Console to inform you as to what keyword difficulty level you can attain. I walk you through a handful of simple steps…

  1. Getting keywords from Google Search Console
  2. Filtering down those keywords to those which rank highly
  3. Creating a Moz Explorer keyword list
  4. Exporting the data
  5. Generating a histogram to show you the upper-bound for keyword difficulty

At the end of this video, you should be able to use Moz Keyword Explorer to answer the age old question – can I rank for this keyword?

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  1. Manoj
    Jun 16, 2016

    Thanks for the video.
    One thing i didn’t understand is why are we extracting keywords from the search console? Is it just to narrow down/ focus only on keywords that one is already getting some impressions/ clicks for?

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