glync: Introducing Google Webmaster Tools External Link Tracker

Google Webmaster Tools was one of the greatest gifts Google ever offered the webmaster community. However, of the many things they did right, there were certainly shortcomings. The most noticeable shortcoming in my area of expertise was link tracking over time. While it is certainly valuable to know the number and quality of links your site possesses at any given moment, it is also equally important to see how your link profile has grown over time.Here at Virante, we try to come up with solutions that work for both our clients and employees. Often, this means creating software that can work on multiple operating systems and retains data from computer to computer. In this particular instance, the clear solution was to create a Firefox Extension coupled with a web application.

Basic Version 1.0b

Glync 1.0Of course we offer a free basic version that anyone can use indefinitely. The basic version will track Google Webmaster Tools’ external links across your whole site for the last 30 days.  When you first install the extension and visit your Google Webmaster Tools account, you will notice that the graph will not yet display on your first day in the external links section. The system will only display the graph after you have at least 2 days recorded.  Visit your webmaster tools external links tomorrow and your graphs will all be in place. Anyone can download the extension and it is completely and permanently free.install glync

Pro Version 1.0b

The Pro Version offers a wide array of data directly from your External Links page.

  1. 90 day tracking of Google Webmaster Tools External Links for Site
  2. 90 day tracking of Yahoo External Links for Site
  3. 90 day tracking of Google Webmaster Tools External Links for All Sub-Pages Listed
  4. 90 day tracking of Yahoo External Links for Site for All Sub-Pages Listed
  5. PageRank for all on-site pages listed
  6. PageRank for all external-links listed

Of course, we intend to continue to increase the functionality of the Pro version. The Pro Version is $5 per month per domain or subdomain, no matter how many pages are on your domain or subdomain. To subscribe, visit the Glync Homepage.Glync 1.0 Proinstall glync

How it Works

Unfortunately, Google Webmaster Tools’ data sits behind a login. Keeping privacy in mind, we created a system that allows your link data to be stored in a remote database without needing your Google login and password. In fact, no passwords are needed at all. The only data that we store in these databases are…

  1. Your username: this is to prevent data poisoning. Unless someone knows both your URL and your username, they cannot impact your results
  2. Your pages: the list of pages listed on your External Links page(s)
  3. Your links: the number of links each page has

Every time you login to Google Webmaster Tools and visit your External Links page, your Firefox extension pings our server with the latest link data. In return, our site displays a graph of that link data over the last 30 or 90 days, depending upon whether you have Basic or Pro. We take privacy very seriously. In no way will we ever ask for your Google password and, if anyone does, they are not affiliated with Virante or our products.install glync

See a Quick Features Video




  1. Requirements: Mozilla Firefox 2.0+
  2. Step 1: Download and Install: glync-1.0.b.xpi
  3. Step 2: Log into your Google Webmaster Tools Account and Navigate to the External Links Page(s).
  4. Step 3: Revisit as regularly as you like. The graph will only update as often as you check your links!
  5. Step 4: Upgrade to get the Professional Features
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  1. Glync is truly a cool tool for webmaster using Google Analytics. Hopefully, Google will add this feature in the future.

  2. Brett
    Nov 6, 2008

    “data to be stored in a remote database without needing your Google login and password”

    How secure is the server where this data will reside?

    Editors Note: We MD5 hash the user account and the domains, so someone peering into our database would see a bunch of numbers and hashes. In the next version, we will be hashing the domains and user accounts in the Extension too, so that only encrypted data will ever be passed. Bear in mind though that we do not ask for any passwords, ever. The only potential threat, ever, would be that the bad guys would know how many links Google thinks are pointing to your site. That is it. Good question though!
  3. Matt Longley
    Nov 7, 2008

    This looks like a very interesting tool. I can’t wait to try it out.

  4. Neetu Sharma
    Aug 1, 2009

    is this free tool ? ….and plz tell how use this tool my a/c in webmaster tools but i did’t see where we will use this tool

  5. Waheed Akhtar
    Sep 27, 2009

    I am using Firefox version 3.5.3 and it is not working with this version.
    Do you have anything which could work for new version of Firefox?

  6. Alex
    Oct 12, 2009

    Nice post! Try this position, rank and website uptime monitoring service –

  7. Rahul Pandey
    Jul 27, 2011

    I tried to load this addon on latest Firefox, But got a not compatible error message. Any one how to fix it?

  8. robertsahre
    Nov 14, 2011

    yeah,not compatible any nmore


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