Piwik Plug-in for SEO Tools Begun… Already tying in SEOMoz, Majestic & AHrefs

So, I wanted to keep a progress report going so I don’t lose site of my goals. It was pretty awesome to start working with Piwik plug-ins. I used the out-of-the-box Piwik SEO plug-in to create this first widget…

If you are familiar with the SEOMoz, Majestic and AHRefs APIs, it literally takes only an hour or so to create your own widget that pulls the data directly into your Piwik analytics install.

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  1. Ernesto
    Jan 30, 2013

    As I can configure this? You can see step by step?

  2. Andy Kuiper
    Feb 4, 2013

    btw, I love AHRefs 🙂

  3. John
    Aug 11, 2013

    Why not share the code instead of just saying how simple and easy it is to add into the codebase. Why not share with the Open Source community you are now apart of?

    I am sure there are many folks out there who are not comfortable enough to work with source that would appreciate being able to get the code and simply add it in, instead of trying to find where the code goes on their own and then trying to write the code.

    Happy to see are moving to the amazing platform that is Piwik, but in the spirit of Open Source, share 🙂

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