MSN adCenter Updates Attack

Microsoft’s AdCenter just sent me an interesting email and posted a similar message on their AdCenter blog. Essentially they have revised their terms of service as they shift into their new line of features at AdCenter. There are 3 main points which they highlight as key changes:  Microsoft may use matching criteria other than keyword searches to display your advertisements. Microsoft may display your advertisements on its network of advertising channels operated by the Microsoft network of participating websites and other distribution outlets. The payment and reporting terms in your AdCenter agreement have been clarified to describe your rights. I must admit the first one kinda blew me away.ÂÂ...

What is Google Doing?

So I was doing a little keyword research the other day and I ran across these AdWords search results on Google (Keyword: e3live). Wonder how this one slipped by the automated review process? OK perhaps it was intentionally placed in the results. But why? Is this part of a test being conducted by Google? (Hope it’s not this!) As an advertiser I must say that I am a little annoyed, probably not as annoyed as someone whose ad would be pushed below the fold by this gibberish, but Google is taking up valuable space with this non-sense. Oddly enough this â€Å”bid” is higher than some others for the term! (Google claims that they pay similar costs for their appearance in the search results.) Anyone have an idea of what they may be up...

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Google AdWords On Fire

The team over at Google AdWords are throwing the kitchen sink at Yahoo! There has been a dramatic increase in the number of new offerings to the Google advertiser which look remarkably similar to things over at Yahoo!’s Panama. There have also been some exciting offerings which are promising to improve the way websites behave and interact with internet surfers. (Yeah I’m talking about Website Optimizer which I am currently running several tests with so I thought I’d wait to make my comments on it instead of joining the masses.) Here are a few of the things I’ve seen popping up over the last couple weeks and months: Conversion Column Shows exactly how many conversions have taken place. I think this is a nice...

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